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About us and App Store Optimization

Learn more about the Appprofis and their specialty – ASO

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization is a form of app store marketing which allows you to increase your apps visibility in mobile app stores. By improving your position in generic keyword rankings in the app store it’s possible to increase visibility for your app and increase downloads gaining more engaged and higher quality users. We are able to find the perfect keywords for you app fast because we packed all our ASO knowledge in a powerful algorithm which delivers keywords for your target group.


Rico Saage
Rico SaageCEO, ASO-Consultant, Developer, B.Sc Computer Science
At a young age, Rico discovered his passion for programming. It all began with the creation of his first games, which were implemented with HTML and Flash. Later, while studying computer science, he was able to deepen his programming knowledge and developed demanding PHP and Java applications. Little by little Rico got more and more involved in mobile apps and has been working as a freelance app developer for over 7 years. By developing and publishing apps, he also gained more and more experience in App Store Optimisation.
Jonny Rillich
Jonny RillichASO-Consultant, Developer, M.Sc. Computer Science
While Jonny was studying computer science he learned programming and found his passion for apps. He began to develop simple games and utility apps and later apps for big companies like Check24. To be successful against competitors he had to learn how his apps can be find by customers without paying for expensive ads, just by the organic app store search. So he studied and tried a lot of app store optimisation methods. Now he is ready to share his experience and knowledge with customers to make their apps visible in the app store.